Brave Forward, More Achievement

    25th Nov. 2024 Yingjiao Q3 marketing meeting was held. No pain, no gain. Hard work makes everyone indispensable to Yingjiao. With responsibilities and dreams, we strive hard in the global market. After Q3 hard working, every Yingjiao employee has contributed his or her own strength to the company. We will continue to move forward with endless fighting spirit and strive to in the next two months, we will strive to achieve better results and reach higher levels.

    At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Zhong , the manager of the sales department led us to visit production workshops, especially the newly built EMC Laboratory. Mr. Zhong introduced that the lab has a full set of EMC testing equipment and 3-meter semi-anechoic chamber.The chamber walls and ground is made of non-flammable absorb materials with the highest possible fire protecting rating, which ensures safety in testing. To better serve our customers, Yingjiao will continue to invest in advance laboratory equipment, and always insists on green,low-carbon and environmental protection.The completion of the EMC lab encourage us provide products and services more timely, safety and reliable.

     After the workshop visit, we are more confident to achieve results before the end of the year. In the past almost 30 years of development, Yingjiao has been focusing on the power supply field, leading with innovation, and bravely climbing to the top of the industry; It has continuously invested in and upgraded intelligent equipment, and build an intelligent factory; At the same time, based on products, it has developed its own brand and embarked on the road of transformation.

     In the afternoon, the meeting was held under the Marketing Directior Ms. Zhang Junlan. Zhang emphasized that the main focus of this meeting was on the two words”strive” and “accumulate”. We hope that everyone can strive to reach the top before the end of the year. For new sales, it is necessary to accumulate strength to prepare for the breakthrough in the coming year.

       Then the sales department director Mr. Guo Chuncan spoke. Guo led us to shout our slogan neatly and sonorously:”Good! Very good! Yingjiao and Miclion are better!” after that, Guo fully affirmed the achievements of each sales in the past three quarters. The achievements also encourage us to work hard, defy difficulties and achieve greater results again.

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Q3 work report for each business unit manager

      The meeting reached its climax with the quarterly work reports of the heads of each sales department. This year’s performance target is to increase by 50% year-on-year compared to last year. According to the statements of the heads of each business unit, almost all have achieved year-on-year growth. The growth rate of some very outstanding sales has even exceeded expectations, which is gratifying! But we still need to work harder, because this is just the beginning on the road to our branding. Therefore, if you don’t accumulate steps, you won’t be able to reach a thousand miles; if you don’t accumulate small streams, you won’t be able to reach a river or sea. A horse can’t take ten steps with one leap; a horse can ride ten times without giving up its merits. If you persevere, the rotten wood will not break; if you persevere, the metal and stone can be carved.

        During the break of the meeting, a relaxing game was arranged for everyone. We all actively participate and fully demonstrate the spirit of teamwork. The small prizes are meant to encourage and hope that everyone can relax after work.

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Look at the deep dedication of Manager Wang in our Industrial Division


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In the game, each partner actively participates to demonstrate the cooperation and tacit understanding of the Yingjiao Team

         The meeting came to an end with Sister Cui’s summary. Sister Cui said that every product of Yingjiao cannot be separated from the work contribution of every empoyee, and every customer of Yingjiao cannot be separated from the support and service of every employee. So every victory or improvement is a victory for the team. When people unite, Tai Mountain will be moved. Everyone has a common goal, can communicate thoroughly, trust each other, respect each other, and cooperate with each other to form a team. Our sales team is very excellent. In the future, we will move from excellence to more excellence and actively develop the branding path of Yingjiao. Become the leader in the power supply industry.