2024Q1 Marketing Conference

  On 28th April 2024, Yingjiao Electric’s Q1 sales meeting of this year was held as scheduled in the conference room on the seventh floor of Yingjiao Factory.

Meeting Start

  The meeting commenced with a comprehensive review of our Q1 performance by the sales director. He meticulously analyzed the shifts in the market landscape and the hurdles our team encountered. Emphasizing the meeting’s theme, ‘Break the situation and move forward together,’ he urged us to challenge conventional thinking, brace ourselves for crisis, and seek innovative solutions and market opportunities.

Quarterly Work Report

  Then, the heads of each business department reported and shared their work in Q1. During the period, each salesperson also shared successful cases in customer development, new project promotion, customer relationship maintenance, etc., learning from each other’s experiences and lessons and determining the next step. Quarterly sales targets and actions, and we will work together to achieve more brilliant results.

Meeting Summary

  Finally, Vice President Cui of Yingqiao Electric summarized the meeting. Vice President Cui led everyone to understand the values of Yingqiao further:

专业专注 Focus  

诚信可靠 Reliability  

开拓创新 Innovation

     持续发展 Persistence

  With the company’s rapid development, we have improved our comprehensive strength in terms of company infrastructure, product series, R&D strength, laboratory achievements, and Yingqiao team building. Vice President Cui said that the Yingqiao people have worked together for 29 years, and we will continue to work together in the future. She also encouraged everyone to learn the spirit of the “well diggers” and stick to the original intention and purpose.  I forgot to make up for it later. Persevere and work together to realize the Yingqiao brand dream!

Energetic Yingjiao People