Our Strict 3 Step System


Complete and reliable supply channels

Utilizing our time tested (Ethical / Conflict Free – Documentation available) supply chain- All incoming raw materials undergo analysis and purity testing prior to acceptance, assuring the quality of the raw material and components.


Quality Control Throughout the Process

Every production run is overseen and reviewed by our division engineers throughout each workshop, in each stage of the build.

      – Warehouse department


      – Picking up the material & SMT

        ▪ Sending raw materials to each workshop by Production instruction sheet.

        ▪ Workers check the BOM (bill of materials ) and process it by operation instruction which made by Engineer Division.


       – Insert team & mending team


       – Assemble team



Finished Product Testing

Each product is thoroughly tested and vetted prior to packing.

Every housing is tested for form and fit. Each power supply goes through full power and load testing, aging, and Hi-pot testing. Then a full visual re-inspection and lastly compliance testing via ultrasound machines.

All products are then bagged, boxed and packed into cartons. Then sealed with security tape before palletizing and shipping.