United in Building Dreams, Aspiring to the Summit | Integration, Advancement, Innovation, Win-Win Yingyao & Miclion 2023 Fourth Quarter Marketing Conference

Time flies, looking back at 2023

We gathered strength to move forward, striving vigorously

Sweat writes the footprints of development

Time engraves the journey of our struggles

Carrying full loads of hope and dreams

Looking back at the splendid chapters we have written


Riding the Dream Unceasingly, Galloping Forward in Pursuit of Dreams

      3rd Jan 2024, the sales conference of 2023Q4 was held at the Yingjiao Electrical Factory.The theme of this meeting is”Integration·Refinement·Innovation·win -win”, The meeting was reported on several aspects of marketing analysis, experience sharing, and planning in the coming year 2024.

     The meeting started in the speech of Manager Cui, who summarized the development of business, factory improving, quality management, cost control, team building, and so on.

Staying True to Our Original Aspiration, Firmly Keeping Our Mission in Mind.

     Afterwards, the Manager of the other Departments reported their annual work and the plan of the next year 2024.


     During the yearly work report, the members shared their experiences that they gained at the exhibition and the development of the business.

     In the end, Cui summerized that 2023 is a special year, and it is also a year full of opportunities and challenges. This year, we have taken a big step forward with excellent, united, and professional teams. but this is not enough. In the new year, First we will miprove the factory management under the new factory director Sohan's leadership. Second we will focus on the new products research. Third we must improve our team work from the time management, capabilities and so on.

      2024 Yingjiao will create a brilliant achievement and get a great improvement! Here we all wish you Happy New Year in advance!


Conference in Progress-ing